HAYLEY & JOHN WEDDING PHOTOS | Ivana & Milan Photography


It was a beautiful day with amazing couple. Hayley & John met through tennis, Hayley attended a fitness class where John was one of the coaches. Despite her enthusiasm and energy, John actually couldn't remember her name at first and gave her the nickname "pocket rocket" to hide that fact. John initially thought Hayley was into his mate rather than him! Things took a turn when the two went to a party together and John didn't even recognise Hayley (owing to the fact that she was wearing a beautiful dress and makeup rather than active-wear!) They went on a couple of dates and things developed from there.

After a couple of years together, the idea of marriage came up. Hayley waited patiently for John to propose, although as time went on she became more and more annoyed at John's silence. On a beautiful evening last November, with the aid of Hayley's friends and flatmates, John proposed. Her friends tricked her into going down to her local beach (she believed it was to come to the aid of a hurt friend). Instead, she found John on a footbridge, dressed up and surrounded by candles.

Congratulation Heyley and John, thank you for inviting us into your lives and love. You deserve nothing but happiness. 

Ivana & Milan
November 14, 2017, 3:46 pm
congratulations Hayley and John.... its beautiful You guys look lovely, stay blessed. cheers Mini

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